Ongoing projects:

  • “Labour in the circular economy: the catalyst towards sustainable development” (2020 – Preliminary draft version available online)
  • “How does recycling affect sustainable growth?” – with L. Zhang  (2019 – Available upon request)
  • “Pop-Machina: Circular Economy & Maker Movement” H2020 Project details – with K. Bachus (2019-2023 – ongoing publications available upon request)

Selected Publications:

  • “Putting circular textile into work – The employment potential of circular clothing in the Netherlands”, 2021, Circle Economy (Snapshot report Available online)
  • “Discount scheme as nudge strategy to enhance environmental behaviour”, 2020, FAERE Working Paper, 2020.11 ISSN 2274-5556 (Available online)
  • Mapping the circular maker movement: from a literature review to a circular maker passport , (with K. Bachus), 2020, . Leuven: Pop-Machina project 821479 – H2020. (Available online)
  • “Potentials and opportunities towards the low carbon technologies – From literature review to new classification”, (with Y. An, H. Zheng, L. Zhang), 2019, Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology  | DOI: 10.1080/10643389.2019.1642834 (Available online)
  • “Pop-Machina: The breakthrough of the circular maker movement in Europe” (with K. Bachus), 2020, OpenAccessGovernment ISSN 2516-3817 April 2020 (p450-451). (Available online)
  • “Hong Kong’s Green Innovations Impact its Energy Market” (with J. Deller), 2018, International Association for Energy Economics Energy Forum ISSN 1944-3188. First Quarter 2018. (p35-36) (Available online)
  • “A Fair society or a Fare society?” (with S.S. Chopra), 2018, Asian Perspectives – Asia Global Online (Available online)
  • “Waste Management and Circular Economy in Hong Kong”, 2018, Tara Expeditions Website (Available online)
  • “L’économie circulaire à Hong Kong”, 2016 (French)(Online)
  • “Réglementation sur les graisses de cuissons à Hong Kong “, 2015 (French)(Online)
  • “Hong Kong: Consommation Energétique des Bâtiments “, 2015 (French)(Online)
  • “La gestion des déchets alimentaires à Hong Kong”, 2015 (French)(Online)
  • “Water storage for biomass boilers and CHP systems”, 2014 (English & French)(Online)