Ongoing projects (work-in-progress):

  • “Labour in the circular economy: a catalyst towards sustainable development” ( Preliminary draft version available online)
  • “Impacts of the circular economy and its related human components on sustainable growth” – with L. Zhang  (Available upon request)
  • “Management of municipal solid waste: Linking waste reduction to carbon permit” – with Coline Metta-Versmessen, Valeria Alvarado and Lin Zhang (Available upon request)
  • “Mobility Gini: distributional effects of transportation policies” – with Andrea Rangel Guevara and Aude Pommeret (Available upon request)
  • “Pop-Machina: Circular Economy & Maker Movement” H2020 Project details – with K. Bachus (2019-2023 – ongoing publications available upon request)

Selected Publications:

  • “Make it a circular city: experiences and challenges from European cities striving for sustainability through promoting circular making” (with A. Coskun, Y. Bakırlıoğlu , D. Çay & K. Bachus) 2022, Forthcoming
  • “Building capacities and strategies of trade union involvement in shaping a just transition towards a sustainable and decarbonised industry” (with A. Guisset, Y. Vereycken, T.Van Overbeke, K. Bachus, R. Hofgärtner, K. Lenaerts & L. Meylemans), 2022, IndustriALL (Available online)
  • “Circular Makerspaces as entrepreneurship platforms for smart and sustainable cities” (with N. Premyanov, M. Angelidou, N. Tsoniotis, C. Politis, E. R. Athanasiadou & A. C. Tsolakis), 2022, Conference proceeding SpliTech (Available online)
  • “Thinking beyond borders to achieve social justice in a global circular economy”, (with Y. Lembachar, J. Marsden, A. von Schwerdtner, K. Bachus) 2022, Circle Economy (Report Available online)
  • “Fiscal treatment and market trends of pickup trucks in Belgium”, (with R. Hofgärtner & K. Bachus), 2022,  Leuven (Policy report available online)
  • “Putting circular textile into work – The employment potential of circular clothing in the Netherlands”, (with N. Papú Carrone, L. Sosa Lagunes, H. Van Duijn, J. Wilting, T. Goesaert, K. Bachus) 2021, Circle Economy (Snapshot report Available online)
  • “Discount scheme as nudge strategy to enhance environmental behaviour”, 2020, FAERE Working Paper, 2020.11 ISSN 2274-5556 (Available online)
  • Mapping the circular maker movement: from a literature review to a circular maker passport , (with K. Bachus), 2020, Leuven: Pop-Machina project 821479 – H2020. | DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3947570  (Available online)
  • “Potentials and opportunities towards the low carbon technologies – From literature review to new classification”, (with Y. An, H. Zheng, L. Zhang), 2019, Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology  | DOI: 10.1080/10643389.2019.1642834 (Available online)
  • “Pop-Machina: The breakthrough of the circular maker movement in Europe” (with K. Bachus), 2020, OpenAccessGovernment ISSN 2516-3817 April 2020 (p450-451). (Available online)
  • “Hong Kong’s Green Innovations Impact its Energy Market” (with J. Deller), 2018, International Association for Energy Economics Energy Forum ISSN 1944-3188. First Quarter 2018. (p35-36) (Available online)
  • “A Fair society or a Fare society?” (with S.S. Chopra), 2018, Asian Perspectives – Asia Global Online (Available online)
  • “Waste Management and Circular Economy in Hong Kong”, 2018, Tara Expeditions Website (Available online)
  • “L’économie circulaire à Hong Kong”, 2016 (French)(Online)
  • “Réglementation sur les graisses de cuissons à Hong Kong “, 2015 (French)(Online)
  • “Hong Kong: Consommation Energétique des Bâtiments “, 2015 (French)(Online)
  • “La gestion des déchets alimentaires à Hong Kong”, 2015 (French)(Online)
  • “Water storage for biomass boilers and CHP systems”, 2014 (English & French)(Online)