Circular Economy studies, actions and beyond

About Julie Metta

Julie is a French Ph.D. Candidate in Circular Economy at KU Leuven, Belgium, currently developing innovative economic scenarios to assess the potential of the circular economy.


Graduated from INSA Strasbourg (France) in New Energy and Climate Change Engineering, Julie spent five years in Hong Kong -and two at the School of Energy and Environment of the City University of Hong Kong. Julie is highly involved in multidisciplinary projects enhancing sustainable energy solutions. Passionate about sharing and learning about environmental practices, Julie is engaged and dedicated to reduce waste generation and energy consumption.
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From 2015-2019 Julie promoted France’ actions and policies on Climate Change, Energy and Environment among Hong Kong stakeholders, academics, civil-society…
She founded “Sous les dechets, la plage” in 2015 which organize environmental awareness and Hong Kong sea shore cleanings. Julie is managing the Labdoo.org Hong Kong Hub, a non-profit collaborative social network which brings sanitized second hand computers loaded with educational applications to communities in needs throughout the world without incurring any economic cost and without generating additional CO2 emissions to the Planet.