Waste & the environment – Issues and solutions – Conference by Julie Metta (in French)
Wednesday  5th December (10-12am) by Hong Kong Accueil  @French Consulate
This conference will first be held by Julie Metta who will depict the recycling industry in Hong Kong, highlighting the issues of plastic. Then Fanny Moritz will bring you concrete solutions on how you can reduce your waste in every day life.
Free and open to all. Registration:

Can China make the planet green again? – Conference by Julie Metta
Saturday  24th November (11-12:30am) by Couleurs de Chine  @Usagi
Waste management, air pollution, alternative energies, China has taken major action in terms of environment. What motivates this major change? How has it been organized? What is the real impact? Julie will picture the main actions implemented in China to reduce its carbon foot print and the influence that China could have regionally and globally in terms of environment governance.
On registration only, 25 places available:

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Sand Wars – Organized by J. Metta
for Cheung Chau local community
Tuesday 13th November 2018
20 people met to watch and exchange about
sustainable issues regarding sand extraction.
(Here about the movie)

Brand Waste Audit: Who is to blame? – Intervention on RTHK3 (Hong Kong) by J.Metta
Wednesday 9th October 2018
Julie Metta explains who to or not to blame regarding plastic pollution and its impacts on marine and shore ecosystems. Listen to the interview HERE

Situation of Hong Kong plastic pollution on the beach – Article by
Sunday 15th September 2018
Read the article HERE (in French)

Circular Economy in Hong Kong – Intervention on RFI radio (France) by J.Metta
Saturday 24th March 2018 (from 11′ & 17’50”)
Listen the interview HERE (in French)

Interview of J.Metta by INSA
Monday 5th February 2018
Read the interview HERE (in French)

Conference “Grand Paris Circulaire” – Intervention by J.Metta
Friday 5th October 2017 by Grand Paris 
Read the press release from Caisse d’Epargne or Verteego